Key Personnel

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Key Personnel


  1. Ralph Best, Partner
  2. Steve Spradley, Outside Consultant (Partner)
  3. George Best, President
  4. Michael Mercadante, Senior Vice President
  5. Todd Sewell, Vice President-Purchasing
  6. Bradley Land, Accounting & Human Resources Manager
  7. Paula Davis, Accounting
  8. Lonnie Best, IT Manager


  1. Jason French, Director of Sales
  2. Raymond Castillo, Sales
  3. Scott Clary, Sales
  4. Clayton Ellisor, Sales
  5. Brandon Helm, Sales
  6. Bill Gavin, Sales
  7. Daniel Mercadante, Sales
  8. Drew Phillips, Sales
  9. Butch Stoeltje, Sales
  10. Dorbert Redmon, Sales
  11. Jim Zeigler, Sales
  12. Shane Simmons, Outside Sales
  13. Dave Caesar, Outside Sales


  1. Jay French, Warehouse Manager
  2. Roger Parisher, Quality Manager
  3. Jose Alvarez, Assistant Warehouse Manager
  4. Carlos Alvarez, Inventory
  5. Taco Deruyter. Warehouse
  6. Roy Dives, Warehouse
  7. Eulogio Garcia, Warehouse
  8. Bradley Harvey, Warehouse
  9. Teresa Kuzniarek, Expeditor
  10. Jessica Vargas, Shipping
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