416 Stainless Steel Bar

UNS S41600, ASTM A582

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416Best Stainless is proud to offer high-quality 416 Stainless Steel. 416 Stainless Steel (SS) bar is a martensitic-free machining grade of stainless that can be hardened by heat treatment to achieve elevated strength and hardness.  Due to its low cost and ready machinability, 416 stainless steel is readily used in its highly tempered state. It exhibits better machining characteristics than austenitic grades, however, sacrifices corrosion resistance. High sulfur, free-machining grades like Alloy 416 are unsuitable for marine or any chloride exposure situations.  We can supply our 416 stainless steel for any project big or small.

Best Stainless provides 416 stainless steel under the highest quality UNS S41600 and ASTM A582 standards. 416 SS can be utilized in a number of capacities and applications including, pump shafts, valve components, and automatic screw machine parts. Stainless steel 416 is composed of carbon, chromium, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, and sulfur. 

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Stainless Steel 416 Mechanical Properties

ConditionUltimate Tensile
Strength (PSI)
0.2% Yield
Strength (PSI)
(% in 2in.)
Reduction Of
Area (%)
Annealed * * * * 262 Max C40 Quote »
Tempered * * * * 248-302 * Quote »
Hardened * * * * 293-352 * Quote »

416 Stainless Steel Applications

416 Stainless Steel Stock Shapes

416 Stainless Steel Composition

  • Carbon 0.150 Max
  • Chromium 12.0-14.0
  • Manganese 1.250 Max
  • Phosphorous 0.060 Max
  • Silicon 1.00 Max
  • Sulfur 0.150 Max

Backed by Industry Standards

  • UNS S41600
  • ASTM A582

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