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International Sales

best-stainless-signOur growing global presence allows us to better serve customers worldwide. Recently, we have expanded our international sales team to include bilingual experts with over 25 years of experience in international trade logistics, regulations, and documentation.

This upgraded team is equipped to handle all aspects of the export process, streamlining it for our international clients. We assist with logistics coordination, regulatory paperwork, import/export documentation, and any other needs that arise. Our goal is to make purchasing our stainless steel & nickel alloy bar and precision shafting as seamless as possible for our international customers.

For inquiries or specific needs, please reach out to Linda Fang, our Director of International Sales, as your initial point of contact. We have a team of experts who can cater to your exact requirements.

Linda Fang
Director of International Sales
Best Stainless & Alloys
Direct Line: (713) 482-4005
Cell Phone: (312) 363-9127

Please reach out to our International Sales Team to discuss how we can support your specific export needs. We are committed to being a global partner you can rely on.

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